Do You Hear a Dripping Sound?

Do You Hear a Dripping Sound?

Find leak detection services in Lake Forest, CA

Plumbing leaks can be more than just inconvenient. A leaky pipe could seriously damage your home and belongings and make your utility bills skyrocket. The worst part is, you might not even know you have a leak until the damage is done. That's why Prostar Plumbing offers thorough leak detection services in Lake Forest, California. We use an electronic leak detection system to make sure we find any leaks in your home. This includes slab leaks, roof leaks and pipe leaks.

Stop leaks in their tracks by getting leak detection services from Prostar Plumbing in Lake Forest, California.

We'll find and fix your leaks

If you have a leak in your home, it's important to find and correct the problem as soon as possible. Once we detect a leak, we'll make the necessary repairs to put a stop to it. We can reroute your pipes above or below ground or install new plumbing.

Don't wait for your house to be damaged by leaking water-schedule a leak detection service now by calling Prostar Plumbing at 949-922-2954.